Whatever you require, LASOTRONIX offers a reliable laser technology and service. Feel free to browse our website for lasers, optics, optoelectronics, optomechanics, laser safety and beam measurement solutions.

We have been established in October 1st, 2010 as a sister company of CTL (www.ctl.com.pl), a leader in medical lasers designing and manufacturing in Poland for last 20 years.  Our goal is covering all non-medical activities of CTL for better customer service focusing on different industrial and scientific applications. We have a well qualified staff very well supported by experience of the senior members of the company and also company arranges in house training by our technical consultants.

We are working for various worldwide companies in Poland (Partners), and have marketing/after sales experience on devices and instruments like Lasers, Optics, Opto-Electronics, Laser accessories, Laser diagnostic instruments , Spectroscopy instrumentation, Detection equipment's, Nano positioning, Fiber Optics, Beam delivery systems, Laser safety and many others.

Our Engineers had training in the factory of some of the world's best companies in the above mentioned fields. Apart from having a well qualified technical competitive staff our main strength lies in the excellent relation with our customers throughout Poland and their ultimate satisfaction.

Our ambitious goal is to popularize information on laser technology among a wide group of Polish people. Therefore we are developing a Laser Portal Lasopedia, open for everybody in the field, to publish all available technical knowledge, articles, dictionaries, pictures, experiences. If you like to share your opinion with us, add any relevant information, you are kindly invited.  

Please browse our product range using the tabs on the left, or use our search facility. If you have any queries or requests, please contact us.

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